How Do Plantation Shutters Open and Close?

Here at riverside, one of the most frequently asked questions among our customers is also one of the most important:

How do plantation shutters open and close?

A simple question, though with an answer that perhaps isn’t quite so simple!

Versatile plantation shutters

This is because, while plantation shutters may be traditional in design, they can nonetheless be manufactured to an infinite variety of specifications. Plantation shutters can be every bit as simple or complex as they need to be in order to suit the requirements of the room and the preferences of the buyer.

Manufactured to order, our plantation shutters can be designed to suit absolutely any interior space with any existing décor.

In most instances, plantation shutter louvres are left closed when coverage is required, with the louvres then being opened to allow light into the room. However, it may also be possible to open and close the shutters themselves, depending on the specifics of the installation.

Folding shutter terminology

In order to simplify the process of selecting the perfect plantation shutters, what follows is a summary of some of the most important terminology you may come across along the way:

Single: A single shutter affixed as required
Bi-fold: Two shutters connected with a hinge on one side
Tri-fold: Three shutters connected with a hinge on one side
Quad-fold: Four shutters connected with a hinge on one side
Track mounted: bi-folding shutters connected to a track
Sliding: Shutters that can slide into position on a track
T Post: Shutters folded around the sides of a post

Top opening folding

These are the kinds of shutters that allow the tops and bottoms of the shutters to be opened independently for enhanced versatility. The top and bottom opening mechanisms will usually be identical.

T-post folding

The installation of a T-post allows for shutters to be designed and installed to match the sections of the windows, with a variety of opening options available.

Track mounted folding

In the case of track-mounted folding shutters, it’s possible to slide and fold all the shutters into one compact area on one or both sides of the window or door. A popular choice for patio doors and for covering floor-to-ceiling windows in general.

Shaped folding

Non-standard windows and interior spaces in general may call for non-standard shutters. Often referred to as angled or shaped folding shutters, these custom-designed window and door dressings are tailored to the unique specifications of the surroundings. They are typically opened upwards, though they can be designed in the manner that best suits the property.

Wherever you intend to install plantation shutters around the home, chances are there will be a number of options available regarding how they fold. Now that you have a better idea of how plantation shutters open and close, it should be easier to pinpoint the perfect product for your home.

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