Cool and Comfortable Summers with Plantation Shutters

Here in London, it’s not as if we’re blessed with fabulous weather at the best of times. It’s usually a case of one extreme or the other, with unpredictability being just about the only certainty. Warm weather isn’t something the UK is famous for, but as the summer of 2017 proved, things can get painfully hot surprisingly quickly.

For obvious reasons, it can be tricky to kit your home out in a manner that’s perfectly capable of coping with both summer sun and winter cold. You tend to find yourself too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter—or perhaps a combination of the two. But there is one highly effective way of keeping your home comfortable throughout the year—one that’s both energy-efficient and uniquely attractive.

Have you ever considered installing plantation shutters in your home?

You’re probably wondering exactly how big of a difference plantation shutters can really make when the sun is at its strongest. As for the answer, Well, let’s just say there’s a reason they’ve been something of a standard across Spain, South America, and many of the world’s warmest regions for generations.

That being said, they work!

What makes plantation shutters unique is the way in which they are designed from the ground up to bring outstanding insulating properties along for the ride. In the summer months, the louvres allow cool air to circulate and create the perfect balance of light and visibility, while at the same time preventing the sun from overheating your home’s interiors. The result is a wonderfully cool ambient temperature without the need to resort to air conditioning. Energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, it’s worth remembering that plantation shutters have been relied on globally since long before AC was even invented!

By blocking the sun’s rays without affecting ventilation, plantation shutters are great in the summer. But what makes these classic window dressings even more appealing is the fact that they can be just as effective in the winter. If the quality of the shutters is up to par, plantation shutters add an additional layer of essential insulation to your home. It’s no secret that the vast majority of heat within the home escapes through the windows. So the better you insulate your windows, the less heat you lose and the warmer your home remains.

We’re proud to offer the kinds of high-quality shutters that deliver the total package for your home. Practicality, comfort throughout the year, and the kinds of classic good looks that are impossible to ignore As we create quality plantation shutters from scratch, we can ensure that the products you receive are flawlessly suited to your home. Whatever shape, style, size, and colour you require, Riverside Shutters can make it happen.

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