Choosing the Right Colour for Your Shutters

By making the decision to install high-quality shutters around the home, you’re pretty much guaranteed an outstanding aesthetic improvement. But at the same time, there’s one important question that needs to be answered in order to create the perfect look:

What’s the best colour to suit my home?

It’s important to remember that premium shutters are about form and function in equal measure. Along with being uniquely practical, they can also bring a remarkable new visual dynamic to just about any room of the home. That is, just as long as you make a wise decision when it comes to your chosen colour.

So if this is the case, what are the kinds of things you should be considering when making your choice?

The style of your home

First of all, you need to consider your home’s overall style. Is its styling and décor predominantly traditional? Or have you gone for something somewhat more contemporary? In the case of the latter, you’ll be able to produce an incredible effect with brighter and bolder colours: greens, blues, reds, and so on. However, if your home is somewhat understated and traditional, classic whites, blacks, creams, browns, and so on may represent better choices.

The colour of your home

The same also goes for the rest of the colour palette you have used for your home in general. If you want your shutters and your home to look their best, you need to choose colours strategically to ensure they complement one another. If your colour palette is predominantly light, you may find that darker colours for your shutters look particularly attractive. The same being the opposite at the other end of the scale: a darker colour palette, lighter shutters.

Window trim colour

You essentially have two options when it comes to choosing colours in accordance with the window trim. Many instinctively choose shutters that are the same colour as their window trim in order to create something of a unified visual effect. However, it can be enormously effective to choose a slightly different colour that complements the window trim and doesn’t necessarily contrast with it too starkly. This is one area in which you need to be very careful to avoid drastic colour clashes.

Understated or outspoken

Last but not least, one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is whether you are looking for an understated or outspoken look. Shutters can either fade into the background as a seamless part of the living space as a whole or stand out as key focus points in their own right. As such, there’s really no such thing as choosing the right or wrong colour; it all comes down to personal preference. That said, if you are looking to create a visual effect that will increase the value of your home, you need to think carefully about the tastes of others as opposed to just your own. Otherwise, feel free to be every bit as bold and creative as you like.

And should you need a little inspiration, simply get in touch with the experts for an overview of the options available.

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