5 Key Considerations When Choosing Between Blinds and Shutters

Blinds or shutters: Which is the better pick for your home?

As usual, the answer depends on a variety of factors you’ll need to take into account. Even if you’ve ruled curtains out of the equation, you’ll still have an endless range of quality window dressings to choose from.

So to help narrow things down, here are the five key considerations not to overlook:

Window type

First up, the size and type of window you’ll be covering will have a big impact on shutter or blind compatibility. For example, if your window is unusually shaped in any way, you may need custom shutters to fit its form. By contrast, French doors are compatible with elegant vertical blinds and many other conventionally designed shutters. The simpler the shape, the wider the options. Nevertheless, bespoke shutters can be created to suit any window or door.

Location and room

In this instance, it’s the purpose of the window dressing that needs to be considered. Are you primarily interested in enhancing privacy? Perhaps you’re looking to block out as much light as possible? Or is it all about pure presentation? It’s also worth considering to what extent the blinds or shutters may be exposed to high or low temperatures, moisture in the air, and so on. Armed with this information, you’ll be in a better position to decide on the perfect material and design for your blinds or shutters for each room as necessary.

Purchase price

Some window dressings will always have a higher purchase price. Just as stunning wooden shutters are more expensive than cost-effective plastic products, bespoke shutters cost more than standard ‘off-the-shelf’ designs. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that the shutters or blinds you buy represent a long-term investment in the quality, comfort, and even the value of your home. Premium window shutters are usually priced higher than blinds, but they can have a more positive impact on curb appeal.


Premium shutters have the kind of durability that transcends almost any other window dressing. Precisely why so many classic cottages and homes of distinction still sport their original shutters, many generations down the line. Longevity is typically reflected in the quality of the materials and the price of the shutters. Quality shutters are more durable and hard-wearing than blinds, though they may also carry a higher initial price. Consider the long-term value of the investment rather than the initial outlay alone.

Your personal preferences

Finally, don’t overestimate the importance of choosing a window dressing you love. It doesn’t matter if the shutters you buy are the most luxurious, durable, and desirable money can buy; if you get no joy out of them, they’re not for you. Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose blinds or shutters that make your interior spaces a pleasure to spend time in. And if you need any help making that final decision, we’re always just a quick call away!

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