Upgrading Your Window Shutters? Why Not Repurpose Your Old Panels?

Sooner or later, all wooden window shutters need to be replaced. But when the time comes to upgrade to higher-quality shutters, it needn’t spell the demise for your previous panels.

If the wood is still in fairly decent condition, there is so much that can be done with old window shutters. Particularly if treated with a fresh coat of paint, the rustic (aka distressed) look can be just as appealing.

For those who are not quite ready to say goodbye to their old window shutters yet, here are a few ideas for repurposing your old wooden panels:

1. Custom Shelves
First up, one surprisingly simple option is to take a couple of your old shutter panels and convert them into a wall-mounted shelving unit. One full panel can be used as the backing for the unit, and the components of other panels can be attached using standard shelf brackets.

Custom Shelves

2. A Photo Display
Window shutter louvres opened at just the right angles are perfect for those tiny little pegs. Therefore, they’re also perfect for displaying photos, as something of a bespoke wall-mounted photo display for any room of the home. Simply attach a couple of hooks to the wall, hang one of the panels from your shutters and you’re ready to go.

3. A Wall Mounted Organiser
But why stop with photographs alone? Why not transform one or more of the panels from your shutters into a wall-mounted organiser for much greater versatility? From documents to envelopes to sunglasses to keys, you’ll find no shortage of things to store tidily (and stylishly) on your repurposed window shutter panels.

4. Rustic Decorative Features
Truth is, old wooden shutter panels with just the right ‘rustic’ look can actually be hugely decorative in their own right. Rather than getting carried away with any major embellishments, you could simply hang them on your walls in strategic positions. If they complement the colour scheme and general theme of their surroundings, the effect could be surprisingly attractive.

5. A Vertical Garden
The louvres on window shutter panels can also be just the thing for hanging those nifty wall-mountable plant pots, and creating yourself a gorgeous vertical garden in the process. Depending on the condition of your shutters and the type of paint/stain they are finished in, this is a craft project you can take indoors or outdoors.

Vertical Gardens
Vertical Garden

6. Room Dividers
Window shutters of a particularly large size can be given a new lease of life as attractive room dividers. In fact, window shutters, in general, are often purchased with this specific purpose in mind. You simply fashion a basic stand for the panels (perhaps using a series of brackets), before using them to separate an interior (or exterior) space into zones.
7. A Bespoke Coffee Table
Depending on the shape, size and design of your shutter panels, one or more could be combined to create a bespoke coffee table top. You could even use the wood from some of your other old panels to create the legs, resulting in a 100% recycled and environmentally friendly piece of furniture. Not to mention, one that will not have cost you a penny to make.
8. An Attractive Headboard
Last up, bedroom window shutters that perfectly complement their surroundings could be just the thing for creating your own custom headboard. There’s little to no work involved, and you can even go with a free-standing option if you are looking to keep things simple. Either way, it could be just the thing to tie the whole room together, and is a great use of waste materials.

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